Cruise Packing List – Top 5

Packing for a cruise can seem like a hard task. Beach days and gala nights, snorkeling excursions and museum walks, chilly dining rooms and humid ports: How can you possibly pack for all of it? What are you forgetting? How can you avoid excess baggage fees?

Fear not. We’re here with some of our best cruise packing tips, making sure that you remember the essentials – and maybe learn a few tricks that will turn you into a packing star.

  1. Remember the basics

One of the most important things you would need is a nice Beach Towel because sometimes loosing the towel they provide can make your life difficult. Its always to bring your own Beach Chair towel. Here is our suggest for the best towel we have found on or simply find it on google-

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2) Worrying about any sicknesses

You’ll be visiting places with a lot of variation in food, drink, and hygiene, so it’s best to have a backup plan should your digestion take a turn for the worse. Activated charcoal absorbs any toxins in your system, allowing your body to return to normalcy as quickly as possible. It can even help with food poisoning and common travelers diarrhea!

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3) Secret Pouch hidden from the people.

You’ll be on the move a lot, and you’ll want to have your passport with you. This pouch allows you to carry your ID documents with you, along with the necessary cash and cards for any purchases you make off of the ship. The pouch also tucks securely under your shirt and has multiple zippered pockets to ensure total safety of your items while exploring.

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4) Pack all your toiletries.

Ships – even really big, stable ones like cruise ships – tend to move a bit and can rock back and forth. Because of this, leaving your toiletries or makeup out and on the counter in your room is not a great idea. A hanging toiletry bag makes packing extremely easy, and keeps items organized and in-place so that you always have access to what you need. When you’re ready to pack it away, all you do is fold it back up and go!

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5) A bag just for makeup

Now this is a recommendation for the Ladies in your life. Makeup is important when on a cruise, because you really want to look HOT! You’ll have to carry your necessary makeup with you, like your sunscreen, lipsticks, eye liner, brushes and other kits, and any merchandise you pick up along the way. This bag is great, and nice and light to keep your load bearable.

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